1. Sahabat Bazaar will notify the Seller when Sahabat Bazaar receives the Buyer's Purchase Money. Unless otherwise agreed with Sahabat Bazaar, the Seller must then make the necessary arrangements to deliver the purchased goods to the Buyer and provide details such as the name of the shipping company, tracking number, etc. to the Buyer through the Site.

2. For the delivery of goods by the Seller to the Buyer, the Seller and the Buyer may choose the delivery service provided by the logistics service company in cooperation with the Sahabat BazaarSahabat Bazaar acts as an intermediary that brings together the Seller and the Buyer with the logistics service company chosen by the Buyer and seller. Seller and Buyer are the parties who appoint and use the services of logistics service companies in delivering goods from the Seller to the Buyer. Payment of shipping costs for each delivery service of goods is the responsibility of the Buyer and the Seller.

3. The Seller shall make his best efforts to ensure the Buyer receives the purchased goods within the Warranty Period Sahabat Bazaar, where applicable or the specified period (for offline payments) by the Seller on the Seller's list.

4. Delivery will be done by the courier service provider / delivery company appointed by each Seller, and not by SahabatSahabat Bazaar is responsible for facilitating reports / complaints from buyers if the Buyer has not received the Product within the estimated period of time. In the event that the Buyer has not received the Product within the estimated period, then the Buyer must notify Sahabat Bazaar customer service provided through the Platform as of the date the product estimate should be received in accordance with the Sahabat Bazaar Policy and the provisions of the Sahabat Bazaar Warranty. Sahabat Bazaar will then forward the Buyer's objection to the Seller and/or the courier/delivery service provider company concerned to find the best solution for the Seller and buyer.

For the avoidance of doubt, the responsibility of Sahabat Bazaar is limited to Sahabat Bazaar service through customer service to facilitate the buyer's report/complaint to the Seller and/or the courier/delivery service provider. If the Buyer does not make notice within a reasonable period of time as specified in the Sahabat Bazaar Policy and Sahabat Bazaar Warranty, then Sahabat Bazaar considers the Buyer has received the Product well. The User understands and agrees that The Sahabat Bazaar responsibility is to the extent mentioned above and Sahabat Bazaar will not be liable for any damage, expenses, costs or costs arising from the risk of delivery of goods and the Seller and/or Buyer will discuss the matter with the logistics service provider to resolve the issue.

5. When delivering goods, logistics service companies that cooperate with Sahabat Bazaar may at any time require electronic proof of delivery from the Buyer in the form of a photo of the recipient of the goods along with the goods when the goods arrive at the Buyer's place as proof that the goods have been delivered and received by the Buyer. If requested, the Buyer (or the recipient of the goods receiving the goods on behalf of the Buyer) shall be willing to be photographed solely for the purpose of submitting proof of delivery electronically.